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The Website Scorecard benchmarks the ability of your website to attract traffic and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Take the Scorecard and receive a personalized report on how you can improve your website today!
Are you the owner / responsible of the site?
Did you design and create the Website yourself?

Do you have an internal (in house) designer or did you hire an external designer/agency?

Does your website look good on mobile?
Was your website designed "Mobile First"?
On larger screens does your website adapt beautifully taking full advantage of the available space?
Does your main menu have more than 5 items?
Are you using a Content Management System to manage your website?
Is your website optimized in terms of SEO?
Do you have a blog and write regularly (2x week minimum)?
Could you edit the homepage today and feature an article if you wanted to?
Do you have a Google pagerank of < 4 ?
Does your website load in under 3 seconds?
Do you get leads via your website?
Does your website have a way to capture leads?
Do you have clear Call-to-Action's on your homepage?
Does your Analytics state you have a bounce/exit rate < 50%?
Is your website available in international markets (different languages)?
Can people easily get in touch with your business via your website?
Can people easily see where your company is based?
Is your website GDPR compliant?
Can every goal on the website be achieved with max. 3 clicks?
Do you have up-to-date Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?
Do photos of real humans (not stock photo) appear on your website?
Do you have regular backups in place in case your website is hacked and you need to restore it?
Do you have an About page?
Has your website won any awards?
Does your Website have the names and mentions of the companies that you worked (client references)?
Is your website an important part of your business strategy?
Do people sometimes call you and say “I’ve read this on your website” and it really clicked for me?
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